New LED technology will subvert the LED lighting industry?

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A University of Florida engineering professor has developed a new high-efficiency, low-cost light-emitting diode (LED) that could help make the technology more widely available.
"It could revolutionize lighting technology," said ZhibinYu, assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering. "Until now, the cost of LED lighting has been a concern. Energy savings and high costs are not offset. However, it can be changed."
New LED technology will subvert the LED lighting industry?
By using a combination of organic and inorganic materials, Yu has successfully developed a new LED technology. These materials are soluble and emit blue, green or red light, so they can be used to make light bulbs.
However, the real special thing about this technology is that its manufacturing process is much simpler than existing products on the market.
Most LED materials require engineers to place 4. five layers of material over each other to create the desired product or effect. Yu's material only needs one layer. Yu said: "In the manufacturing process, if you need to deal with the problem of multiple layers of materials, this will be a huge challenge."
His research has been awarded by the National Science Foundation to encourage further research into basic materials and establish a development platform for flexible active matrix organic LED displays. The report has been published in the journal Advanced Materials.
The research is crucial to the development of LED technology, which can quickly reduce the country's electricity consumption. Although LED lighting has been sold in stores, it has not been widely used due to its material cost and quality problems.
However, LED lights do save energy.
According to the U. S. Department of Energy, residential use of LED lights than ordinary incandescent at least 75% of energy consumption.
Yu came to the University of Florida (FSU) through the Energy and Materials Strategy Faculty Recruitment Program. He is a fellow at the University of Florida High Performance Materials Institute (HPMI). HPMI is a multidisciplinary research institute dedicated to the research and development of advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. "HPMI has benefited a lot from the hard work of Dr. Yu and other top researchers," said RichardLiang, director of the HPMI Institute."

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