Through the London Olympic Games to see the development of LED industry

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From the London Olympic Games to see the development of LED London Olympic opening ceremony in the "London Bowl" staged, the square art, stage drama and other performance methods, stage design, the use of stage lighting, stage machinery, architectural projection and other technologies of ingenious integration.

In the exhibition of modern Britain, the shining lights and the performances of the actors show the proud health care system, children's culture and the prosperous film industry of Britain. At this time, the scene lighting and the audience LED linkage, so that the venue and the audience performance into one, so that the audience become one of the actors. On the large inflatable houses that appeared in the venue, the walls were constantly changing images, reflecting the lively performances on the scene, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the audience and highlighted the concept of "civilian Olympics. The changing lights at the opening ceremony also showed the atmosphere of the opening ceremony.
The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games gives us a strong signal that the modern stage art project is no longer just the cool technical style of the Spring Festival Gala we used to do, but extends to large squares and interacts with tens of thousands of audiences. This is both a challenge and an opportunity. On the one hand, because of the expansion of the use of the site, so that the entire stage work of the LED use more, the demand increased, the demand for LED enterprises to expand, will inevitably promote the development of the entire industry; on the other hand, it will promote the development of LED civilians, which puts forward higher requirements for the technology of LED enterprises, improve technology, reduce costs become a new challenge for LED enterprises.


Large outdoor LED display has become a new force in the LED industry. LED large screen has always been an important part of the development of LED field. It is an important part of large-scale entertainment, sports events, and square theme display. With the application of new technologies, New outdoor advertising forms continue to emerge, and outdoor advertising full-color LED display media is born at the right time. As a result, LED display has irreplaceable value in the outdoor, what is the market development?

      Outdoor LED display industry chain layout specific performance

Outdoor LED display industry as the current high-tech industry, but also the trend of the next generation of LED display products. It is manifested in two aspects: on the one hand, the characteristics of long life, high luminous efficiency and low energy consumption make LED display lamps have incomparable advantages over traditional lighting lamps; on the other hand, the lLED industry is consistent with the policy of energy saving and environmental protection to create a "green and low-carbon" life advocated by various countries. As an emerging industry, LED has formed a complete global industrial chain layout. For outdoor LED display industry chain layout specific performance in 5 aspects:

1. Upstream sapphire, MO source and other raw materials have no investment target, pay attention to the upcoming listing of enterprises.

2. Midstream chip structural surplus, focus on high-power, white chip led manufacturers.

3. Downstream packaging is optimistic about manufacturers that focus on white light and COB.

4. There are many application manufacturers, and they are optimistic about manufacturers with obvious channel advantages and policy benefits.

5. LED equipment and instrument industry, less investment targets, it is recommended to pay attention to the upcoming production line equipment manufacturers.

The above 5 aspects are outdoor LED display in the industrial chain. Especially now led display technology continues to progress, the cost of the downward trend, led display era is about to open. LED display has gone through three processes. As an LED display entrepreneur, it is also spent in the wind and rain. The LED display has been widely recognized for its small size, rich colors, easy control, energy saving and environmental protection characteristics. With the progress of technology and the decline of cost, the economy of replacing traditional light source is becoming more and more prominent. The era of LED display is on the horizon.

From a global perspective, the core technology and professional technology of China's LED display industry are still in the hands of international manufacturers. In the context of global energy saving and emission reduction, countries have launched incandescent lamp ban plan and LED promotion plan. However, due to the strong support of the current national policy, the future of the LED display industry is unlimited and will be a rising star in the future.

       The new trend of LED industry development

1. Deepening of product technology and diversification of products
The technical foundation and level of the LED display industry in Chengdu, Sichuan, China should be said to be quite advanced. The main products and key technologies can be consistent with the advanced level of the international industry, but the technological level is relatively backward. There is an obvious gap with foreign countries in terms of product standardization, machine system design, reliability, manufacturing process, testing methods, etc.

The technology and performance of LED devices continue to improve, and the development of electronic technology is changing with each passing day, which brings a good foundation for the technological deepening and improvement of LED display products in Chengdu, Sichuan. At the same time, LED display has been widely used in various fields of social life, and the development of semiconductor lighting industry has brought good opportunities to the LED display industry. Therefore, the development prospect of LED display market is optimistic.

Deepening the technical connotation, enriching the product system, product diversification, and highlighting the advantages of leading products will be an important trend in the development of the LED display industry in Chengdu, Sichuan.

2. Standardization of conventional products and specialization of application products in specific fields

The promotion and implementation of relevant standards will promote the standardized development of LED display products. In conventional LED display products, standardized display devices and control systems will be more widely used. Integrated LED display products will occupy a major position in the industry, and the production of standardized LED display products and the specialization of market technical services will be More obvious. In the field of professional applications, LED display products to meet the needs of professional applications, the level of specialization will continue to improve, combined with the application needs of specialized products will expand the formation of LED display of new products and new applications, such as urban lighting projects Large-area LED display, LED display stadiums, LED display in the field of transportation, etc.

3, the rational division of labor within the industry and the formation of a new industrial pattern.

With the development of technology and market, China's LED display industry will gradually improve in the adjustment and have a reasonable division of labor, forming a new industrial pattern. In the overall industrial chain, the formation of the leading enterprises in the production of LED devices and the backbone enterprises in the production of display products will redefine the division of labor in the upstream and downstream industries and highlight the specialized division of labor and cooperation. Perhaps in the early stage of the development of the semiconductor lighting industry, LED device manufacturers and display product manufacturers of specialized division of labor and collaboration is more vague, but with the expansion of the market and the maturity of technical products, this definition will become increasingly clear.

In the LED display industry in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the enterprise groups in the industry will be appropriately classified, and gradually form a technology development enterprise focusing on the research and development of key control system technology, a product manufacturing enterprise focusing on large-scale and standardized production, a technical service enterprise focusing on market application and promotion, and a professional application enterprise focusing on meeting the needs of the professional market.

      LED display has irreplaceable value in the outdoor

In all advertising media, outdoor advertising is the oldest form of media. It was born and rooted in the city at the same time as trade. It is closely related to the economic, cultural and social life of urban people. It is the media of brands and products, and it is also a bright symbol of the prosperity and development of the city. These characteristics form the unique and irreplaceable value of outdoor media.

LED display is a new type of information display media that has developed rapidly in the world in the 1990 s. It combines modern high-tech, has a series of advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, bright colors, displaying dynamic pictures and text, and a wide visual range. Outdoor LED screen advertising painting surface area is large, the visual effect is shocking, can fully attract the audience's attention, is a new combination of media and high technology. These changes cast the unique and irreplaceable value of outdoor media.

LED display media has the advertising characteristics of high effective arrival rate at the same time, and the price is relatively low compared with TV, newspapers and other media delivery forms. These unique values make the full-color LED display media a natural outdoor media upstart. Such as the New York Times Square CBD core area and Japan Tokyo Ginza row upon row of LED display not only has the function of advertising marketing, but also a symbol of the status of the world's famous large enterprises-in the industry has the dominant position of the enterprise to be able to broadcast advertising here, at the same time here broadcast advertising enterprises have made people feel the status of its brand in the world.

Different from traditional outdoor media, full-color LED display is not just a simple outdoor media, it also has the characteristics and advantages of TV and other media. Moreover, the full-color LED display is not just an extension of outdoor media and TV media. It has a larger creative space and a broader three-dimensional space for interaction and communication with consumers, which can meet individual needs and has the spread of the digital age. Concept is a unique screen form.

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