LED marketing pace or should be "slow"

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Any product, in the sales process will have obvious low season. This is determined by the nature of the product and the characteristics of the market, can not be fundamentally changed. For LED, there are also light and peak seasons, but different products are aimed at different intervals. May to July and December to February of each year are the off-season in the conventional sense of the industry.

It is with such an obvious distinction between low and peak seasons that the consistent attitude of most companies is: increase market investment and personnel investment during the peak season, and strive to maximize product sales; in the off-season, they strive to reduce market investment, hoping Through sales inertia to support the two or three months of the off-season, in order to do a big job in the upcoming peak season.

But I think, with the current situation of LED, slower than the pursuit of rapid development to be more robust.

Many LED companies have had such feelings: during the peak season, because they are busy with the number of product sales, they have no time to worry about market integration, brand building and so on. Even if some large enterprises in the industry have strong human, financial and material resources, they can not effectively refine the relevant work. This leads to the increase of product sales, but the market foundation is not solid, which in turn affects the growth of technology research and development, follow-up services and other systems. On the contrary, not drifting with the flow, slowing down and precipitating the brand can make us put down the burden of sales and create a good opportunity to lay a solid market foundation.

Take products as an example. As the main body of market sales, products also need to be continuously integrated to meet the sales market. The business behavior of the enterprise market is often based on a full understanding of the market. The market operation of products is also a process that needs to be continuously deepened and improved.


Today, the terminal's requirements for LED products have covered various aspects such as light efficiency experience, circuit safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance and energy consumption, restricted substances and chemical hazards, and even whether the process of product development, manufacturing and circulation meets the comprehensive requirements of environmental protection, low carbon and sustainable development. What's more, to really build the LED brand, it not only includes the enterprise trademark and product characteristics, but also includes the business model, personnel quality, market attraction and recognition formed by the enterprise in the process of market operation.

The marketing departments of many LED enterprises also understand the principle of "fast fish eat slow fish", but in the business module, it is mainly to imitate the mode of fast consumer goods. Simple and mechanical integration of strategy, performance, human resources, financial audit and other functional consulting, platter-style to make a large list of business services, trying to extract more service value in a customer, is just a quantitative, extended way of business expansion. This is undoubtedly to avoid the heavy and light, the mind to make money is too strong, and the spirit of precipitation is obviously insufficient.

After entering the L E D field, enterprises only blindly hype the concept of energy saving and cannot achieve real energy saving. In the face of fierce competition in the market and the pressure of rising raw material costs, these companies do not hesitate to sacrifice quality at the expense of price wars to occupy the market. This blind entry and low-end competition has led to chaos and disorder in the entire LED lighting market.

In this exhibition, it is not difficult to find that many brand enterprises have raised a level in product quality and technological innovation. Everyone seems to realize that technology is the core of LED industry, and innovation is the best marketing method at present. For example, our street lights, wall washing lights, etc. have innovations in heat dissipation, structural waterproofing, and self-cleaning design, and have also been recognized by new and old customers.

LED is a new high-tech industry, relying solely on government support, enterprises to spend money can not solve all the problems, the lack of core technical personnel has become the bottleneck of the development of enterprises. At present, there are thousands of enterprises under the banner of LED, and the marketing methods are various, but only some enterprises can settle down and steadily improve the technology and quality of LED.

Judging from the products displayed by international giants this year, the future LED lighting market will transition from product competition and channel competition to technology competition and brand competition. In the face of such a development trend, visionary enterprises will undoubtedly attach great importance to product research and development. On the basis of continuous research and development and technological innovation, coupled with appropriate marketing, they will move towards a model in which technology research and development is the main driving force for enterprise development. At the same time, technological leadership is bound to enhance the value of the brand.


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