Consumer survey: smart lighting into smart home "the most important function"

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Smart cabinets, smart bathrooms, smart drying racks, smart locks, smart curtains, central air-conditioning temperature control sets, smart range hoods, smart lights... In the future, these smart home appliances will be incorporated into the same intelligent control system to achieve integration, Humanized adjustment and control.
Smart homes contain multiple functions. Among these functions, what is the status of intelligent lighting in the minds of consumers? At present, what intelligent services are included in intelligent lighting?
Smart lighting into smart home consumer preferred function
The survey shows that among the many smart home functions, smart lighting still occupies an important position in consumer choice.
An Internet survey in 2014 showed that smart lighting has become the first choice for consumers to surpass smart home functions such as electrical control, video surveillance, and home theater. 59.2 percent of the people surveyed said that smart lighting is the most important smart home feature they value.

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