Energy-saving lamp market downturn or stimulate LED warming

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Since March last year, the tricolor phosphors required for energy-saving lamps have skyrocketed and plummeted in a short period of half a year: first, they have soared 10 times in four months, from 300 yuan/kg to 3000 yuan/kg. However, since August, the market price has suddenly turned downward, and by mid-September, it has fallen to about 1300 yuan/kg.

The rise in the price of fluorescent powder has greatly increased the production cost of energy-saving lamp enterprises, and most enterprises have experienced a decline in gross profit or even a loss. Take Rex Lighting as an example. In 2011, the total gross profit of Rex Lighting decreased from 29.1 in 2010 to 25.6. The company explained that the T4/T5 bracket with large sales volume was affected by the price increase of major materials such as metal materials and fluorescent powder, and the gross profit margin decreased from 41.6 in 2010 to 33.1 in 2011.

The continued downturn in the real estate market has also hit the energy-saving lamp market hard.

Since last year, affected by the comprehensive effects of purchase restrictions, credit control, and interest rate increases, the real estate market has gradually shown a downward trend in both transaction volume and transaction prices. "The economic downturn and the downturn in real estate have caused the market demand for energy-saving lamps to cool down, which has directly caused a large amount of inventory of enterprises." Zhang Xiaofei pointed out. Statistics from the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII) show that as of the end of 2011, the inventory of Rex Lighting was as high as US $0.112 billion (about RMB 0.707 billion), an increase of 62.62 year-on-year; the inventory of Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ) was as high as 0.494 billion yuan, An increase of 35.08.

"In the first half of this year, everyone is digesting inventory, and the growth rate of the energy-saving lamp market has slowed down." An industry insider pointed out.

LED prices drop rapidly

At this time, some traditional lighting companies began to switch to LED lighting. In addition to the downturn in the energy-saving lamp market, the rapid decline in the cost of LED light sources has also become a key factor in the determination of traditional lighting companies.

"At present, 60% of MOCVD in China is idle. With the gradual start of these idle equipment, at least 50% of the current cost can be reduced." Zhang Xiaofei said.

As we all know, the biggest obstacle to the popularity of LED lighting in the market is the price. If the price can drop rapidly, it will inevitably promote the penetration rate of LED lighting.

According to the survey and statistics of the High-level LED Research Institute (GLII), in 2011, due to the rapid decline in the prices of key raw materials upstream and the MOCVD previously ordered, the prices of LED lighting chips and devices began to decline rapidly. Data show that in 2011, the price of domestic LED lighting terminal products fell by more than 30%. According to Yang Xiaoyan, the price difference between LED and energy-saving lamps with small wattage and lumens on the market is only 2-3 times.

However, although traditional lighting companies are beginning to show their determination to shift to LEDs, they still face many practical problems.

"What LED products are we going to do? Is the technology up to the test? Is the product sufficiently characteristic? We are still groping." A person in charge of a traditional lighting company told reporters that their biggest problem now is to make LEDs, but they don't know which direction to go.

"Now the transformation of LED, we dare not too fast, also dare not too slow. Too slow fear of lagging behind, lost the opportunity to seize the LED lighting market, too fast and crowded out the original energy-saving lamp market capacity, after all, the penetration rate of LED lighting is there." Yang Xiaoyan said that Li Daxin started to make LED lighting three years ago, and LED lighting sales accounted for less than 8% in 2011. This figure is expected to reach 10% this year, and the company still tends to steadily develop the LED lighting market.

Some traditional lighting companies choose to advance conservatively, while some companies are optimistic about the LED trend and choose to make strides to seize market opportunities.

Firefly Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Firefly") is a member of the radical transformation. Huang Shuhua, director of firefly marketing, said that the company's LED lighting revenue accounted for 25% last year, and LED lighting sales are expected to account for about 40% of the company's performance this year.

During the visit, the reporter also found that most of the lighting stores now have some LED product display windows. But an interesting phenomenon is that these traditional lighting brand dealers are not selling LED products of the original brand.

A dealer said that they are not sure whether the original agent of the energy-saving lamp brand can make high-quality LED products. They are now more in the wait-and-see stage.

"Too good to be afraid of not selling, too bad but do not want to sell." A dealer from Shenzhen said that they usually take goods from several LED manufacturers.

"In the future, the investment system of LED lighting is reasonable, and enterprises are likely to quickly squeeze into the top ten ranks of LED lighting. But if it is unreasonable, it is also very likely to lose the advantages of the original traditional channels." Huang Shuhua said that in the future, they will come up with a complete set of LED product system, price system and reasonable incentive system to reasonably guide dealers to transition to the LED lighting market.

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