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The market value of rail transit lighting is 3 trillion! LED lighting is hot

In July this year, the news from the Guangzhou Metro Operation Center, the LED energy-saving lighting demonstration project of Metro Line 2 lasted nearly two years
In July this year, the news from the Guangzhou Metro Operation Center, the LED energy-saving lighting demonstration project of Metro Line 2 lasted nearly two years, the public area lighting system of 14 subway stations replaced 7527 sets of LED lamps, the overall illumination uniformity of the station. 10% higher than before the transformation, the average annual electricity consumption will be as high as 2.45 million degrees.       
For the all-round transformation of this LED lighting project, Guangzhou Metro also said, “Considering the better energy-saving and environmental protection effects of LED lighting, all the new lines after the first phase of Line 6 and the general lighting of the public areas of the station are designed and adopted. LED lights. In addition, among the old lines, some stations on Line 1 are currently undergoing LED light renovation, and the remaining lines will be replaced after the original lamps have expired."
LED · Energy Saving Lighting Demonstration Project of Guangzhou Metro Line 2
In the face of the rapid development of the rail transit infrastructure market in recent years (in addition to the subway industry, including railways, trams, magnetic levitation and other urban transportation hubs), their huge predictable prospects are tantamount to giving the majority of LED lighting Manufacturers bring opportunities for development. So, how big will this market be?
"New Cake" to be eaten  
“With the introduction of the “Technical Specifications for LED Lamps for Lighting in Metro Places”, the standardization system for rail lighting LED lighting will be improved, and the relevant supporting policy environment of the country will also be positive. LED business opportunities are compared with traditional lighting fixtures. LED has the advantages of high energy saving, green environmental protection, strong earthquake resistance and strong stability in rail transit applications. Because rail transit has high stability factor and high seismic resistance and high energy consumption, the LED is very suitable for orbit. Traffic field." Wu Feng, general manager of Spike Optoelectronics, told Gaogong LED.
Before that, let us look at a set of upcoming data: (in Guangdong Province)
1) Guangzhou Track: Guangzhou will consist of 20 urban track lines and 11 Pearl River Delta intercity rail lines. The total length of the network will be 1,164 kilometers. On the basis of the 2010 network, the 2020 line will increase the east line of Line 3. Duan (Panyu Square-Qingliu), Line 4 North-South Extension Line (Jinzhou-Information Park, Huangcun-Shuixi), Line 5 East Extension (Winchong-Huangpu Passenger Port), Line 6 East Extension (Xiangxue) - Yonghe), Line 7 (Guangzhou South Railway Station - Dasha East), Line 8 North Extension (Cultural Park - Baiyun Lake), Line 10 (Sports West - Dongsha), Line 11 (Circle), Ten Line 2 (Shantou-University City South), Line 13 (Huanggang-Xintang, East-West Express Line), No.14 and Branch Lines (Conghua Line and Knowledge City Line), Line 16 (Xintang-荔) City, Yucheng Line), Line 20 (Guangzhou South Railway Station - Weizhou, Xinke Station Contact Express) and Baietan Contact Express (Guangzhou South Railway Station - Baietan), with a total length of 677 kilometers.
2) Shenzhen Track: By 2030, it is estimated that 16 lines will be built with a total length of 585.3 kilometers. By 2040, Guangzhou's rail transit will consist of 20 urban track lines and 11 Pearl River Delta intercity rail lines. 1164Km, of which the city line is 811Km, and the intercity line (Guangzhou section) is about 350Km;
3) Other cities: Foshan orbit to 2030, planning 8 lines, totaling 318.712 km/Dongguan track will consist of 4 lines and an intercity suburban railway (Guangshen Suburban Railway) with a total length of 264.2 km/Huizhou Orbital Planning 6 lines, total length 247.5 km / Zhuhai track to 2050, will build 9 rail transit lines, including 6 intercity rail lines and 3 urban rail lines, the entire rail transit network will reach 233.8 km / Zhongshan track It is planned to build six urban orbits by 2050 with a total length of about 153.08 kilometers;
In addition, major high-speed rail projects in the Pearl River Delta: Inter-Shenzhen Intercontinental Orbit, Shenzhen-Hong Kong East Passage, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity, Guangwan-Shenzhen Intercity, Guangfozhu Intercity, Guangshenyu Intercity, Guangfo Huanhuan, Foshan, Dongguang, Guanghui Intercity (Guangzhou-Qingyuan, Zhongshan-Humen, Dongguan-Huizhou, Zhaoqing-Nansha, Shenzhen-Huizhou, Zhuhai-Shenzhen, Jiangmen-Enping, Zhuhai-Doosan, Humen-Yantian, Shenzhen-Maoming Line), inter-provincial railway connection: Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Passenger Dedicated Line, Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway, Guizhou-Guangzhou Railway, Nanguang Railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, coastal high-speed and other projects will also be given to the LED lighting industry in Guangdong Province. External inline brings great opportunities for development..