Who is in charge of city lighting?

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Urban lighting is a new term produced with the process of urbanization in my country. According to the interpretation of the "Urban Lighting Management Regulations" issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, urban lighting refers to urban roads and tunnels in urban planning areas., Square, parks, public green spaces, historical sites and other buildings (structures) functional lighting or landscape lighting. Among them, functional lighting refers to lighting for the purpose of ensuring the safety of people's travel and outdoor activities through artificial light; landscape lighting refers to lighting for the purpose of decoration and landscaping through artificial light outdoors.

From the above interpretation, we can know that urban lighting actually refers to the public lighting of a city, and before being called urban lighting, these lighting can be divided into two parts, one is the street lamp that illuminates the road, and the other is the light that illuminates the public.

With the development of lighting from selling light bulbs to selling design and selling culture, people have more expectations for urban lighting, and a special field of urban lighting has emerged.

my country has a vast territory. There are a number of cities, large and small, owned on this vast land. After the economic development, the lights of the city have turned on. Even a township has begun to create city business cards and lighting, and it has naturally become The business card of cities and towns at night.

When we carefully observe the business cards of these nights, we will find that the nights in some cities give you a very good feeling. You can stroll on the paths dotted with light lights, or you can have your nightlife in the brightly lit business district. However, some places give you a completely different feeling. What you see is often some violent, artistic and dazzling lights. Why is this? Is the gap between the level of these designers we respect really so big?

Earlier, I discussed this issue with an expert in urban lighting planning. His words are indeed worthy of our consideration. He said that the current urban lighting planning he is most willing to do is the popularization of lighting planning knowledge. What we are talking about here is not to ask everyone to be a planner, but to hope that more people, especially the leaders around the world, can understand the relevant lighting knowledge, so as to respect and understand the work of lighting planners and lighting designers, so as to create a comfortable public lighting environment for the city, rather than the subjective ideas of the leaders themselves.

This is not only the heartfelt words of a lighting planner, but also the general voice of lighting practitioners.

Lighting, as a small field in architecture → building materials → hardware, has developed to today's momentum to independently support an industry. Its development process is only 30 years or so, which makes many people still stay at the stage of lighting, that is, lighting. And if this view exists in the minds of those in power, it is not difficult to understand why there are violent lighting phenomena.

As a result, we can only hope that lighting practitioners will take the initiative to spread modern lighting concepts and knowledge. Only in this way can we look forward to a day when urban lighting is decided by lighting practitioners! Only then can we catch up with the developed countries and let the citizens enjoy the lighting.

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