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----- General Yan Xueting, Honorary Vice Chairman of Henan Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, and his party visited for inspection and guidance.
On September 23, 2014, General Yan Xueting, Honorary Vice Chairman of Henan Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, led a group of subordinates to visit Guangzhou Liaoyuan for inspection and guidance. Guangzhou Liaoyuan Sliding General Manager and Wei Sagan Vice President were responsible for the reception. After their respective seats, Wei General Manager first gave a brief introduction to the personnel of both sides, and then introduced in detail the development history of Liaoyuan Group and the strategic position, product advantages and innovative ideas of Guangzhou Marketing Headquarters.
According to Mr. Wei, Liaoyuan Group, as a well-known established lighting company in China, has accumulated 28 years of strong experience and a loyal customer base at home and abroad. Guangzhou Liaoyuan extends its product line to smart home LED lighting on the basis of inheriting Liaoyuan Group's first-class product technology, selling products at home and abroad, and huge sales platform. Around the concept of "big marketing, small production", the paper puts forward two basic points of "one center", "two basic points" and "walking on six legs", which is to firmly take "outdoor lighting marketing" as the center and "smart home lighting. Thousand stores plan signing. "Large project marketing, channel marketing, overseas marketing, project engineering, customer service, marketing planning" six legs walk, go hand in hand, cooperate with each other.
What is smart home? Mr. Wei said, smart home LED lighting is based on the concept of "making intelligence easier", using the most advanced Li-Fi technology, the integration of the Internet of Things intelligent management system, to achieve home lighting, network integration, intelligent, integrated management. For the promotion of this technology, Mr. Wei is very confident and puts forward five development models: 1. Free joining 2. Free product design 3. Free training 4. Free installation 5. Free replacement. And said that the development of this business, in the near future, can quickly increase 0.5 billion sales for the group company.
After listening to Mr. Bi Wei's introduction, General Yan said with emotion: it's a worthwhile trip. He not only learned about the high-end and cutting-edge products, but also learned about the five advantages of Guangzhou Liaoyuan in product avant-garde innovation, management mode innovation, marketing mode innovation, clear strategic objectives and strong team. He proposed to strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation in economic and trade negotiations, so as to realize the sharing of information and resources as soon as possible.
At the end of the meeting, Wei Zong made a conclusion: General Yan's hope is also our hope of starting a prairie fire. Liaoyuan lamps and lanterns will change from selling products to selling technology to selling standards by virtue of their superior market position, high-quality chip quality, huge R & D investment, effective cost control, scientific enterprise management and other advantages. It is hoped that in the near future, the product can continue to enter the military system and become the military designated lamp brand.

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