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Remember the deputy vice chairman of the Henan Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, General Yan Xueting and his entourage
-----Remember the deputy vice chairman of the Henan Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, General Yan Xueting and his entourage
On September 23, 2014, General Yu Xueting, the honorary vice chairman of the Henan Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, led a group of subordinates to visit Guangzhou. General Manager of Guangzhou Suiyuan Slips and Wei Shigen was responsible for the reception. After their respective seats, Wei first gave a brief introduction to the personnel of both parties, followed by a detailed introduction to the development history of the EBARA Group and the strategic position and products of the Guangzhou Marketing Headquarters. Advantages, innovative ideas, etc.
According to General Wei, the EBARA Group, as a well-known old-fashioned lighting company in China, has accumulated 28 years of solid experience and a loyal customer base at home and abroad. On the basis of inheriting the first-class product technology of the EBARA Group, selling products at home and abroad, and huge sales platform, Guangzhou Liaoyuan has extended its product line to smart home LED lighting. Focusing on the concept of "big marketing, small production", it puts forward "one center", "two basic points" and "six legs walking", that is, resolutely focusing on "outdoor lighting marketing" and "smart home lighting. Thousand stores plan to sign" Foundation. “Large project marketing, channel marketing, overseas marketing, project engineering, customer service, marketing planning” walks six legs, and works together.
What is smart home? General Wei said that smart home LED lighting is based on the concept of “making intelligence simpler”, adopting the most advanced Li-Fi technology, and integrating the intelligent management system of the Internet of Things to realize the integration and intelligentization of home lighting and network. Integrated management. For the promotion of this technology, Wei is very confident, and proposed five development modes: 1. Free joining 2. Free product design 3. Free training 4. Free installation 5. Free replacement. And said that the business of this business, in the near future, can quickly add 500 million sales to the group company.
After listening to Bi Wei’s introduction, General Yan said: It is worthwhile to learn not only the high-end cutting-edge products, but also the Guangzhou Aoyuan’s product innovation, management model innovation, marketing model innovation, strategic goals, and team. The five major advantages of Qiangqiang are proposed to strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation in economic and trade negotiations, and realize information and resource sharing at an early date.
At the end of the meeting, General Wei made a summary: the hope of the general is also the hope of our original, the original lamp will rely on superior market position, high quality chip quality, huge R & D investment, effective cost control, scientific enterprise management, etc. The above advantages, from selling products to selling technology to selling standards. It is hoped that in the near future, the products will continue to be put into the military system and become the designated brand of the military.