2015 Liaoyuan Lamps Semiconductor Lighting Promotion Application and Innovation Design Summit Forum

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2015 Liaoyuan Lamps Semiconductor Lighting Promotion and Application and Innovative Design Summit Forum "will be held on March 20 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 14:00 p.m. to 17:30 p. m. in Qinghe Hall, 1st floor, Building 1, Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center. This forum is based on the theme of "United · Innovation · Breakthrough · Win-Win", guided by the Guangdong Semiconductor Industry Joint Innovation Center, hosted by Liaoyuan Group · Guangzhou Liaoyuan Lighting Development Co., Ltd., and participated in the forum with a scale of 200 people Feast. Participants: major design institutes in Guangdong Province, municipal construction owners, outstanding engineers, chip giants CREE, Samsung, and senior executives of well-known power supply manufacturers Philips.
2015 is a new era for the development and innovation of China's semiconductor lighting industry. The impact of the national policy situation has intensified, the industrial structure has accelerated adjustment, and the brand competition pattern has emerged. Under the dome, where will China's LED companies go? Where does the sword point? As China's largest LED outdoor lighting and steel rod well-known brand enterprise, Liaoyuan Group has been sharpening its sword for 30 years. With the responsibility of guiding the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry, it will invite people from all over the world to talk and 2015 together. Interpret the development trend of the semiconductor industry in terms of policy, design, and promotion.

The two sessions were held as scheduled in March 2015. Premier Li Keqiang pointed out the following points in his government report:

1. Implement the "Made in China 2025", adhere to innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, strengthen the foundation, green development, and accelerate the transition from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power;

2. This year, the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by more than 3.1 per cent, chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen emissions will be reduced by about 2 per cent, and sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions will be reduced by about 3 per cent and 5 per cent respectively;

3. Formulate an "Internet" action plan to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things with modern manufacturing, promote the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet finance, and guide Internet companies to expand into the international market.

Increasing investment in energy conservation and environmental protection has become the content of the government work report for several consecutive years. "Under the Dome" has detonated the topic of public concern about environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. As one of the pillar industries of green environmental protection and energy saving, the development of China's LED lighting industry will be like a broken bamboo in 2015, but under the environment of national policy, market industry trend and enterprise transformation and upgrading, which direction will the enterprise move forward? How big is the step? How fast can we go? Looking forward to 2015, how will China's LED appear? This will be the topic of discussion in the forum by well-known LED people.

The LED lighting industry, which is no longer an emerging industry, will transform and develop with the Internet in today's Internet thinking. How will the applied LED lighting industry adopt the new thinking of intelligent LED lighting and upgrade the Internet of Things? Leaders, experts and executives attending the meeting will conduct professional interpretation and analysis of the industry. The transformation of chip structure and packaging technology, the improvement of driving power supply, the innovation and design of new concepts and applications of LED lighting, "2015 Liaoyuan Lighting Semiconductor Lighting Promotion and Application and Innovative Design Summit Forum" will be unveiled one by one.
Spring is warm and flowers are blooming, and everything is recovering. "2015 Liaoyuan Lamps Semiconductor Lighting Promotion and Application and Innovative Design Summit Forum" will be the LED industry to step on the snow to welcome the spring and break the ice!

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